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January 2013


Bavarian Winter

A Lonely American Jeep makes its way down the road in a forest in Bavaria, Germany, in 1969 during war maneuvers.  This photo was submitted by Randy Koivisto of North Branch Post 85.  He was a PFC in Germany at the time serving in the 1/15th Infantry based in Kitzingen.

February 2013


Saying Mass in Korea

Chaplain Senninger of the 279th Infantry Regiment, 45th Division, says mass near the 38th Parallel, Central Sector, Korea in January 1952.  Photo submitted by William Petermeir, Elk River, a member of Delano Post 337.  Petermeier helped serve at the mass.

March 2013


Soldiers in Paris

Albert Shoaf of Owatonna and his buddies pose for a photo in Paris on May 21, 1919.  After the end of World War I, the U.S. kept many soldiers in France in the following months.  Those soldiers founded The American Legion.  The picture was submitted by Sandy Wiebusch of Rochester Unit 92.  She is Albert's granddaughter.  He is the tallest soldier in the back of the truck.

April 2013


Sunset at Sea

A cargo Ship is silhouetted in the setting sun in a picture taken from a Navy ship during a cruise in 1995-96.  The photo was taken and submitted by Shawn Mathison, Savage Post 643, who served aboard the USS Monterey (CG-61), a guided missile cruiser.

May 2013


Three Men In A Tub

Rub-a-dub-dub, three soldiers in Korea in 1952 take advantage of what's available to bathe.  They were part of the 82nd Engineer Pipeline Company serving along the 38th Parallel.  Charles Moldaschell, a member of Sleepy Eye Legion Post 7, is in the middle tub.

June 2013


Swim Call

A group of submarine sailors posed on the deck of the USS Yahoo, a fast-attack submarine, just after a swim call in April 1968.  The sub was off the coast of Fais Island in the Pacific.  The boat had just completed a 59 day patrol in the Yellow Sea.  All the sailors in the photos, about one-third of the crew, are age 22 or younger.  The photo was taken by TM2(SS)DV John F. Johnson, Monticello Post 260, at top center in the photo, who was in charge of the stern torpedo room and also was one of the boat's divers.

July 2013


Post Marches in Parade

Members of the Avon Post 528 march in an Independence Day parade on July 4th, 1942, six months after the U.S. had entered World War II.  The Post was made up of First World War veterans at the time.  The two centered veterans are Robert Mergen and Henry Heurung.  The photo was submitted by Robert J. Heurung, a member of Waite Park Post 428, and the grandson of Henry Heurung.  The photo was taken by Henry Heurung's son, Jerome, who later served in the Army in the Philippines.

August 2013


Air to Air Refueling

A Convair F-102A practices air-to-air refueling over the South China Sea in 1966.  Pilots practiced connecting the refuelling probe into the basket deployed by the KC-135 tanker.  The fighters could then fly non-stop from the Phillippines to Thailand.  The photo was taken and submitted by Joseph M. Sutila of Chanhassen Post 580.  He was captain in the 509th Fighter Interceptor Squadron based at Clark AFB.

September 2013


Haircut in the Trenches

A soldier gets a haircut at a makeshift barbershop in the trenches of France just after the conclusion of World War I.  The photo was taken by Albert Schoaf of Owatonna who served with the Expeditionary Forces in Europe during the war.  It was submitted by his granddaughter Sandy Wiebusch, Rocherter Unit 92.

October 2013


Burial at Sea

A firing squad was part of the last rites for a sailor who was buried at sea during a 1997-98 cruise of the USS Monterey, a guided missile cruiser.  The photo was taken and submitted by Shawn Mathison of Savage Legion Post 642.

November 2013


Letter From Home

PFC Jerome Heurung, 32nd Red Arrow Infantry Division, 114th Engineer Combat Battalion, reads a letter from home while manning his machine gun emplacement at Luzon in the Philippines during World War II.  The photo was submitted by his son, robert J. Heurung of Waite Park Post 428.

December 2013


On the Radio

The Alpha Company Commander of the 1/15th Infantry works the radio during a stop for lunch during was maneuvers in Bavaria, Germany, in 1969.  The photo was submitted by Randy Koivisto of North Branch Post 85.  He was serving as private first class at the time.


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