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Sons of The American Legion - National Headquarters

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COMMANDER:   William Peters
ADJUTANT:    Douglas Bible
MEMB. DIR.:  Dennis Henkemeyer



1 & 3. . . .  Glenn Mueller
2 & 7. . . .  John Affolter
4 & 5. . . .  Lawrence Dean
6 & 9. . . .  Robert Foss
8 & 10 . . .  William Stein

CHAPLAIN:     Robert Benjamin
HISTORIAN:    Larry Ripplinger
SGT. AT ARMS: David Krueger
NECman:       John Zgoda
Alt. NECman:  Lloyd Schaeffer
FINANCE OFF:  Gary Semmel

              Joe Mayne
              Douglas Bible

PAST CMDR     Wayne Mattingley


District Chairman
2010 - 2011

FIRST  .  Brian Medinnus
SECOND .  Craig Boelter
THIRD  .  Charles Toltzman
FOURTH .  Mike Ash
FIFTH  .  Steven Schwalbe
SIXTH  .  Steven Dircks
SEVENTH   Cal Van Horn
EIGHTH .  George Howard
NINTH  .  Walt Folendorf
TENTH  .  Larry Phillips

            Ray Ozmun

Asst SAL Advisors:
          Brian Medinnus
          Walt Folendorf

If there are supplies or information that you need, call (651)291-1800, or Fax: (651)291-1057.

The Sons of The American Legion (SAL) is a program of The American Legion established in 1932 in Portland, Oregon. Since then, the SAL have assisted The American Legion with their programs and activities.

The American Legion, the Sons of The American Legion, and the American Legion Auxiliary form the "Legion Family." Our family boasts a combined total membership of nearly 4.2 million members.

Membership in the SAL is open to all male descendants, adopted sons and stepsons of members of The American Legion. Also accepted are any such descendants of veterans who died in service during the eligibility periods set forth in Article IV, Section 1, of the National Constitution of The American Legion or who died subsequent to their honorable discharge from such service. Since the eligibility age begins from date of birth, activities and programs of squadrons are determined by age groups within squadrons and the needs of the community. Just as each Legion post determines the extent of its service to the community, state, and nation, so each squadron is permitted flexibility in planning programs and activities to meet its own needs. The average age of an SAL member is estimated at 33 years of age.

 The Sons of the American Legion have study programs recommended for younger members, however, this is not limited to just them. The program is called The Ten Ideals, patriotism, health, knowledge, training, honor, faith, helpfulness, courtesy, reverence, and comradeship. Once completed, members may continue with another program called the Five-Point Program of Service. This program covers patriotism, citizenship, discipline, leadership, and legionism.

 The Sons of The American Legion is more than just membership. On all levels, they have worked together with The American Legion to promote a wide variety of programs, including assissting the local posts in all activities, Veterans programs (VAVS), VA home and hospital volunteering, Children & Youth activities, and fund raising. Since 1988, the Sons of The American Legion have raised over $475,000 for The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation, including $116,000, in 1996. The members of SAL have donated over 63,000 volunteer hours for 1996 in the Veterans Hospitals throughout the country and raised over $242,000 that has gone directly to the VA hospitals and VA homes for a variety of items including TVs, radios, medical equipment, and clothes for the patients.

 The Sons of The American Legion is one of the organizations that make up the Citizens Flag Alliance, a coalition formed to secure Flag protection legislation through an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. SAL volunteers work to establish local networks by having petitions available and handing out informational material. They alert the community of the importance of Flag display and respect, while encouraging Flag education programs in schools and other local organizations.

Activities of the Sons of The American Legion are covered, in-depth, in their newsletter National Update which is produced three times per year.

 If you are interested in receiving additional information about
 the Sons of The American Legion programs, please write to:


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